Elizabeth Olsen on the role of a complex villain

HAVING was released globally beginning May 6, Disney’s Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness it already broke box office records in a matter of days.

Over the weekend, the sequel to 2016 Strange Doctor has accumulated US $ 185 million (RM 810.6 million) in the United States and US $ 265 million (RM 1.16 billion) internationally, for a total of US $ 450 million (RM 1.97 billion) in a few days.

The film’s overwhelming commercial success makes sense considering the amount of hype it started generating as production and then marketing ramped up.

In the film that greatly expands the size and scope of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange’s character (Benedict Cumberbatch) is tasked with protecting America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez), who has the power to “leap” across different universes from antagonist of the film, Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen).

Unlike the character’s previous heroic movie appearances, Wanda’s latest outing sees her as a supervillain, which Olsen – in an interview with Variety – said was hard for her to accept.

“I have been through a difficult time. I was like, these are human beings and is Wanda okay with ending their lives? ”Explained the Emmy-nominated actress in response to how her character behaves in the film.

The shock was also shared by fans, as the character evolved after the Disney + series Wanda Vision.

The events of the aforementioned series left Wanda in a dark state of mind, which Olsen says helped build the performance further.

“While we have seen her go through trauma and loss, we haven’t seen her go through the loss of children,” Olsen said.

“I just wanted to make sure it was a constant evolution forward and not repetitive. Was I trying to understand how evolution is created? How can we make it different, but still part of the woman we know?

Because of how Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness ends, and with the repercussions it could bring, the fate of Wanda and Olsen’s involvement in the future of the MCU is currently unknown.

“It’s weird that you’re waiting for me to come back, but no one told me I’m doing anything!” Olsen said, hoping she’ll come back despite her not sure where the character might be taken.