Elizabeth Warren goes upside down among plants after yelling at people about abortion – twitchy.com

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you America’s angriest senator, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts:

Here she is yesterday yelling at people about abortion:

And she is quite proud of the performance as she shared some clips: “We won’t go back. Never”:

One of the reasons she might be so angry is that she knows there’s really no way to stop it because the Democrats don’t have the votes and the November election isn’t in their favor:

Maybe she should be mad at Susan Sarandon and all the other * liberals * who retired in 2016 because the Dems named Hillary Clinton instead of anyone else?

And let’s not remember Senator Warren who pushed for RBG’s withdrawal during the Obama years:

Now he even looks like a striker:

Well … yes? Perhaps Democrats should have focused more on SCOTUS seats over the past two decades:

Someone at the DNC needs to do a better editing job because it included someone yelling, “You dismember babies in the womb, mom!” at the end of this clip:

And then Senator Warren walked off – literally – through some seedlings she was careful to avoid to make sure they grew to full term:



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