Elon Musk says he would lift Twitter’s “morally wrong and completely stupid” ban on Donald Trump and the Resistance is officially activated

Back when Elon Musk was pitching the idea of ​​buying Twitter, people wondered if he intended to restore Donald Trump’s Twitter account. When Elon Musk announced that he was, in fact, buying Twitter, people wondered even more seriously.

But it seems that there is no longer a need to ask:

This is not a drill:

Well, that’s some powerful free Musk talk.

All that banned Trump was forcing reporters and left-handers to tweet screenshots of his press releases and other posts.

This is still only in the discussion stage, but needless to say the collapses are already brewing:

forget it; they are rolling.

Because that’s all what prevents you from buying a Tesla. OK friend.

Narrator: No, it won’t. When Donald Trump had a Twitter account, he couldn’t resist using it. And Resisters can’t resist using theirs to haunt every tweet of him. There is a symbiotic relationship between Trump and the Resistance. Their Need each other.

Quite right? If anything, the Resistance should be enthusiastic to the prospect of Donald Trump returning to Twitter.

Anyway, we leave you with this short thread on the subject by Glenn Greenwald:

Donald Trump is a mess. So are many people. Let everyone be allowed to show it.

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