Emmanuel Macron inaugurated his second term as French president

French President Emmanuel Macron was inaugurated for a second term during a ceremony at the Elysee presidential palace.

Macron was re-elected for five years on April 24 in an electoral ballot that saw him win over far-right rival Marine Le Pen.

About 500 guests attended the ceremony, during which the President of the Constitutional Council read out the results of the elections.

Macron received the Grand Master of the Legion of Honor necklace, France’s highest honor, before making a speech. Emmanuel Macron “vows” to “leave a more liveable planet and a stronger France” during his inaugural speech at the Elysée for his second five-year term.

He then went to the gardens of the Elysée Palace and listened to 21 cannon shots fired from the Invalides square on the occasion of the event, in line with tradition.

The troops present at the ceremony included part of the crew of the Monge, the second French military ship, a central element of the French nuclear deterrent.

The symbol can be seen as a show of strength at times when France is deeply involved in efforts to stop Russia’s war against Ukraine, including by sending truck-mounted guns and other heavy weapons.

Macron’s second term will formally begin on May 14.