Episode 6 – My Isekai Life

I found myself a bit underwhelmed by this episode of My Isekai Life, at least compared to the prior entries we’ve had.

First off, the good parts. Watching the adorable slimes do their little jobs is a constant delight. We see them exploring a big dungeon, and generally going at every task with a goofy gusto that is infectious. Even simple tasks like going through doorways is fun because they can squeeze through the cracks and brag while doing it. I think this is one of those hallmarks of a great character design: when performing the most basic of activities there is care and thought put into how they would approach them. So going through doorways and climbing ladders is lots of fun.

Sadly, the sort of climactic scene in this episode didn’t do much for me. This is the second time this season that we have seen Yuji throw up a giant magic barrier while under constant attack. And just like last time he holds out, even going super far negative into his MP totals. Other than finding out that this was not in fact a fluke or a rare instance, there’s… not much to say other than, well, it happened again. And unlike before when he was in the midst of a life or death battle with what felt like high stakes, this just sort of happens and we move on.

It’s hard to pinpoint why the repetition with the slimes remains enjoyable but the repetition with the spells doesn’t. I think it comes back to the creative thought put into it, and with the slimes there’s simply more care at work and it’s obvious.

At the very least we do get some fun scenes back in the defrosting village. Yuji having another life-altering bite of stew was good fun, and I got a good laugh out of Yuji throwing open the shutters like Scrooge on Christmas morning.

Also we do get a brief flash of an evil assassin woman at the end, so I’m eager to see where that leads because I’m a mark for villainesses.


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