Expert warns against complacency as Covid numbers rise – The Citizen

With winter knocking on the door and the fifth wave of Covid infections looming, some masked citizens have blamed the seasonal flu for the spike in the infection rate and remained skeptical about wearing masks.

There was a drop in new cases from 4,146 people who tested positive for the virus last week, to just 2,650 new cases this week, which represents a 21%. rate of positivity.

Professor Ian Sanne, of the department infectious diseases at Wits University, he said that as Covid cases escalate, the average person must consider their own risk when going out in public or at work.

“I recommend everyone to vaccinate, increase their vaccination and take their own precautions to wear a mask when leaving the house,” he said.

Randburg’s Pauline Kempster-Britz said she still wore her mask religiously, despite the relaxation around the regulations on wearing a mask.

“Even I still sanitize everywhere I enter, as nothing has changed. I’m not willing to take any chances, ”Kempster-Britz said.

He said he had seen the number of infections increase in the past few weeks.

“I think there is a spike in infections because fewer people wear masks and become complacent,” he said.

Kempster-Britz said people have quickly forgotten the bad times of total isolation and the full impact of regulations and restrictions.

Capital Park’s Buitumelo Mokabane said he no longer wore an outdoor mask. Mokabane said he heard you could get throat infections by wearing a mask.

“It’s okay not to, but I’m still wearing one indoors. It’s a must, I can’t risk it, “she said.

Mokabane said that because it took us some time to get used to wearing the masks, she would feel uncomfortable not wearing a mask indoors. Zandrie Burger said her entire family was currently ill.

“It’s just a seasonal flu because we hardly ever go to town once a week,” Burger said.

Nico Vermaak said he was waiting for smart people to announce a new variant.

“Even though the virus was weakening, I was still careful,” he said.

Erica Eybers said we should throw away the masks.

“Covid is Covid, regardless of whether you wear a mask or not, because I know a lot of vaccinated people who have been diagnosed with Covid,” Eybers said.

Jaco Pretorius agreed and said he didn’t believe the masks helped.