Experts warn fossil gas not sustainable

ENERGY experts and climate advocates asserted that LNG or fossil gas is not clean and sustainable and is not seen to lower electricity rates in the Philippines, much more so help limit global warming and achieve climate targets.

This was their reaction to a statement made by House Energy Committee Chair and Pampanga Second District Rep. Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo expressing that liquefied natural gas (LNG) is the cleanest fossil fuel and a good stop-gap to immediately address the need for reducing emissions given the climate change imperatives.

Reacting to the statement, newly-elected Sen. Loren Legarda said: “It makes far more economic and business sense to accelerate and complete the transition to renewable energy and to bring in storage in massive amounts, because our Filipino families deserve affordable, reliable, secure, modern energy services.

For Johnny Altomonte, chief executive officer of Verne Energy Solutions, fossil gas has never been a clean option, adding, “There is no pathway to solving the climate crisis that includes gas. While importing LNG may prove to be a stop-gap for Malampaya’s declining reserves, it is still likely that most gas-related infrastructure will end up as stranded assets, often at the cost of the Filipino end-user. Solar, wind, and even utility-scale energy storage provides better and cheaper alternatives.”

Meanwhile, lawyer Pete Maniego Jr., senior policy advisor from the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC), said that fossil gas is just a bridge to the vision of total zero carbon emission by 2050.

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He said, “The Philippines should intensify the deployment of RE and indigenous energy sources throughout the country, in order to achieve energy independence, security, reliability, resiliency, and affordability.”

The rising prices of fossil gas is also a concern for Angelika David, CASE Project coordinator of ICSC.

“If we are truly pushing for cheaper electricity rates for the country, it is still best to tap into resources that are already available, affordable, and can be secured within the country,” said David.

The Climate Reality Project Philippines maintains that the only pathway towards cheaper electricity, while also ensuring cleaner air and healthier communities, is through renewable energy.

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