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Double the 'Ebi' fun

McDonald's Flavors of Asia, which brings back your favorite Japanese — and Korean-inspired meals, is offering an additional meal for everybody to enjoy.

The Flavors of Asia goodness continues with the new and exclusive Double Ebi Burger, a leveled-up version of the Ebi Burger.

Have more to look forward to with the Double Ebi Burger as it boasts not just one, but two tempura-coated shrimp patties. The double patties are also topped with lettuce and McDonald's' tangy Thousand Island Sauce to complete the satisfying combination of flavors.

Hungry yet? Order the Double Ebi Burger, available now alongside the other Flavors of Asia offers via Dine-In, Take-Out, or Drive-Thru; as well as through McDelivery.

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A toast to Jollibee's floats

The summer season may seem short but the days can be long, especially with the grueling heat. It's no surprise that during these days, people often look for something cool and refreshing to boost their energy.

Enter Jollibee's Creamy Floats — smooth and uplifting drinks to cool you down this summer. The Choco Float provides extra indulgence as a smooth chocolate drink topped with creamy vanilla soft-serve, while the newest Coffee Float energizes with its delicious coffee topped with vanilla soft-serve.

“Our Creamy Floats were launched to give our customers more ways to keep cool this summer,” said Joseph Aruta, Jollibee Marketing Director. “During this fun-filled season, sometimes all you need is a chilled, delicious drink to lessen the heat, uplift the mood, and add some good vibes. These sweet and creamy floats can serve as a thirst-quencher or even a dessert to make these summer days even cooler.”

As part of its sweet and refreshing Summer Floats line-up, Jollibee also offers two popular soda floats: the Coke Float — Coke topped with the well-loved vanilla soft-serve and chocolate fudge — and Royal Float, Royal topped with vanilla soft-serve.

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