Flurona death Victoria: Unvaccinated woman in her 90s dies

A leading expert has warned Australians to do one thing after a woman in her 90s died with a combination of the flu and Covid.

A Victorian woman in her 90s has died of after catching both the flu and coronavirus, dubbed ‘flurona’.

The woman, who was unvaccinated, passed away in January and was one of six people in the state to contract both diseases at the same time.

All of the other cases were aged below 65 and were vaccinated.

University of Queensland infectious diseases expert Paul Griffin said people should be wary of the impact of being hit with both viruses at once.

“We need people to be concerned enough to get vaccinated,” Dr Griffin told Sunrise on Thursday.

“It’s quite significant and we know it increases the chance of all serious outcomes from either infection so you’re much more likely to another hospital and likely to have those consequences.

“The fact that we have these viruses circulating highlights the importance of PCR testing, labs contest for flu and corona and other respiratory viruses, so this is where we will have to deviate a bit away from rapid antigen testing.”

Victoria’s Department of Health urged people to make sure all of their jabs were up to date ahead of flu season.

“By getting vaccinated against both highly contagious infections, you’re not only protecting yourself and those around you, but you’re also helping to ease pressure on our health system,” a spokesman said.

Originally published as Woman in her 90s becomes first ‘flurona’ death