Former CBS reporter Kate Smith tells Brian Stelter that conservatives who have exposed her pro-abortion bias simply don’t know how newsrooms work. [video]

Last week we told you about Kate Smith, the former CBS News “access to abortion” reporter who has smoothly transitioned to her next role as senior news content director for Planned Parenthood. Freed from the shackles of false objectivity, Smith felt free enough to do so extend “a big, warm ‘f * ck you’ to everyone who said “she was crazy when she said Roe v. Wade could be overturned.

That little outburst didn’t do much to reassure us that Smith had been an objective reporter while at CBS. And, according to Smith, it’s because we’re not journalists and we just don’t understand what’s really going on in a newsroom. She talked to CNN’s Brian Stelter, who, unlike us, knows how newsrooms work

Reject all this criticism, did you hear? she rejected it, damn it!

So … who is satisfied with it? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Many “bloggers” understand how newsrooms work. But aside from that, National Review also has an editorial team. An editorial staff with real journalists, journalists who, unlike Kate Smith, do not hide behind a mask of false objectivity. National Review Online often features direct news, but they have also always been clear about their bias when it comes to other content. Kate Smith was not honest about her prejudices when she was a reporter, and she is not now.

Quite right? so strange


For your sake, we hope your wife actually buys it.

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