Fresh air solution with Philips Air Performer

HAVING lived in my apartment for some years, I am no stranger to the constant battle of trying to keep it clean from dust and other forms of urban pollution. As someone with a lifelong sensitivity to dust, any form of irritation would cause a sudden sneezing fit, signalling to me that I would need to start dusting. This made cleaning the room feel like an unending chore.

So when I was offered the chance to try out the Philips Air Performer 7000 Series 2-in-1 Air Purifier and Fan, I leapt at the opportunity.

The device came in a moderately tall box, but upon unboxing, it revealed a surprisingly compact piece of equipment. I decided to set it up in my room first, to see how it could improve the air quality there – and hopefully help me sleep a little better at night.

Setting it up is pretty easy, just plug it in. I also decided to download the Philips Air+ app on my phone, which would allow me to monitor the air quality level (both indoor and outdoor), as well as operate the device’s basic functions.

Within days, I could feel a marked difference in the air quality in my room. Everything felt fresher and more sterile, and I could definitely breathe easier at night as I lay on my bed. I tested out the fan function as well, and I am happy to report that it worked almost as well as a proper air conditioning unit, perhaps because it was originally configured to work for larger living spaces as well.

While the device does claim to be ‘ultra-quiet’, the noise level was admittedly rather noticeable at first – perhaps because I first turned it on late at night – but eventually, it just became part of the environment.

According to Philips Domestic Appliances, the Air Performer “uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically clean the air and adjust to its user’s comfort through smart sensing and machine learning”. The device also boasts a three-layer NanoProtect HEPA filtration system that promises to eliminate 99.97% of all unseen particles from the air passing through the product.

By far, the biggest difference that I felt in my home’s air quality came while I was preparing my home for the Chinese New Year holidays. After cleaning up my hall, I decided to move the device out from my room to see how it would run in a larger space, and throughout the long weekend, the air purifier managed to maintain that ‘clean’ atmosphere.

Beyond looking at figures in the app, I could physically feel the air within the room remaining fresh, which was a great relief considering how much effort I had put in to cleaning all the surfaces and fabrics.

The air purifier’s narrow footprint also allowed it to be placed out of the way of the furniture, but still within a perfect spot to work its magic. And when guests came over to my home, the fan function was really helpful, joining in tandem with the air conditioner to ensure that everyone was at a comfortable and cool temperature, even those seated in the furthest corners of the room.

Incidentally, the device’s smooth and sleek design also makes its surface easy to keep clean with just a microfibre cloth.

Reportedly, the filter itself is easy to clean; just vacuum it to remove any dust that has built up on its sides. After nearly a month of using the device, I checked on the filter and it appeared to be holding up, with no need for any additional cleaning just yet.

In short, I was extremely happy with its performance. If you are living in a small space or are looking to purchase your first air purifier, the Philips Air Performer delivers exactly what it promises, with a decent fan function that also ensures your home remains cool, as well as clean.

The device is also priced rather competitively, with a recommended retail price of RM1,929. It is currently available at all major retail stores and online platforms.

For more information, visit the Philips Domestic Appliances page.

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