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Pardon the pun, but this is sad. Where did all of the anti-Israel antagonism come from? Was it a slow drip from the mainstream media, or did it come from university professors? It’s especially disheartening to see high school and college-age kids carrying Palestinian flags around and terrorizing Jewish students. Who got to them? Face it — if you’re out in the streets waving a Palestinian flag, it’s because you think Hamas was justified in slaughtering more than a thousand Jewish civilians … women, children, the elderly, everyone. If Hamas hadn’t invaded October 7, these kids would all be back in their dorms watching TikTok videos.

Gad Saad decided to take a Twitter poll asking why Israel was bombing Gaza at the moment. Was it because Hamas slaughtered 1,400 Israeli civilians in a surprise attack? Or is it just because Jews are genocidal? The results are in, with more than 50 percent agreeing the Jews are just genocidal.

This was no tiny poll either — more than 160,000 people voted.


Some people are blaming the wording of the poll, but if you thought the options were unfair, you were under no compulsion to vote.

Especially disconcerting is the fact that Option 1 was “Jews are genocidal,” not “Israel is genocidal” — that takes care of the “We’re not antisemites, were anti-Zionists” narrative.


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