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While he may not be what anyone would conventionally call a good man, or even a good leader, New York Congressman George Santos has never ceased to be an entertaining guy. So it is with a heavy heart that we come before you to inform you that after the next election Washington won’t have George Anthony Devolder Santos to kick around anymore.

What were those ‘personal purposes’ though? Surely it couldn’t have been that bad, right? Probably a dog walker or something for when he’s at the office…

Oh… Oh, well that does seem a bit troubling. But that’s it, right? 

That’s a lot.

Now it’s obvious that ever since his surprise election to his seat the long knives have been out for Santos, so the DC political class was going to find something to ding that guy with. But at the same time Santos clearly didn’t do much to make their job at finding things to get him with a very difficult one.


A lot of people are having fun with the list of items that Santos was spending his money on:

But for others, they’re just happy at the prospect of having Santos out of the public eye, or at least out of the House chamber.

While we’re big fans of good governance we’re also big fans of entertainment, and darned if Santos isn’t an entertaining guy. Sounds like he’s likely to stick around in the news for a bit longer, particularly as rumors swirl that the House is looking to expel him when he returns after Thanksgiving. There’s probably more to come, so you’d better get it while you can.


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