Georgia voters urge Sect. Of State to reject the judge’s recommendation and disqualify Marjorie Taylor Greene

After an administrative law judge recommended Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene to stay on the ballot, Georgia voters asked Sec. state to disqualify it.

Free Speech For People, the organization representing voters, said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

This decision betrays the fundamental purpose of the Insurrectionist Disqualification Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and gives a shift to political violence as a tool to disrupt and overturn free and fair elections.

Indeed, the judge has agreed with the challengers the appropriate legal standard for determining whether someone has “engaged” in an insurgency, including that “marching orders or instructions to capture a particular target, or to interrupt or obstruct an insurrection. particular government procedure “, constitute commitment. And he dismissed virtually all of Greene’s legal arguments, for example, that the speech cannot constitute a commitment or that a previous criminal conviction is needed to trigger the disqualification. Nor did he accept his arguments that the January 6, 2021 attack was not an insurgency, or that the insurgents are protected by an 1872 Congressional amnesty for former Confederates. Instead, he based his decision on allegedly insufficient evidence, in large part by gullibly accepting her repeated denials or lack of recollection. He dismissed both his pre-January announcement of a plan to prevent the peaceful transfer of power and his signal of January 5 (“This is our moment in 1776”) which the violent vanguard intended as a green light.

The purpose of the insurrectionists’ disqualification clause – in 1866 and today – is to protect the republic not only (or even primarily) from violent foot soldiers, but rather from political leaders who have broken the oath to uphold the Constitution and helped facilitate the insurrection. It is true that Greene did not attack the police officers herself, but during the Civil War, Confederate President Jefferson Davis never fired a shot. The jurisprudence under the insurgency disqualification clause is clear that any voluntary assistance to an insurgency is disqualifying and the evidence presented in this case has established beyond any serious question that Greene helped facilitate a rally of violent extremists for the purpose. , as he admitted on video, to prevent the peaceful transfer of power.

We urge Secretary Raffensperger to take a fresh look at the evidence presented in the case and reject the judge’s recommendation. Marjorie Taylor Greene helped facilitate the January 6 uprising and, under the Constitution, she is disqualified from future post.

Hearing itself was profoundly imperfect as the judge dismissed evidence that Greene was planning to stop the peaceful transfer of power. sec. State’s Brad Raffensperger has the power to reject the judge’s recommendation and ensure that a supporter of an attempt to overthrow the government is disqualified from the ballot and not allowed to run for re-election.

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