God Opens Jill Stein Window, Gets Ready To Push Her Out Again

screengrab via this interview, three months ago, where Jill Stein explained why Cornel West should be president.

Hey remember when Jill Stein was in that picture with Michael Flynn and Vladimir Putin at the RT gala in Russia in 2015, and they were all noshing on okroshka and who even knows what was happening under the table, or in any side conversations that might have occurred? How you say LOL in Russian?

Anyway, that fucking psycho woman is throwing her giant furry Russian ushanka hat in the ring again, because we guess it’s time for narcissistic nihilist try-hards to bother the US American 2024 election. Oh wait, it’s been that time. You’re late, babushka!

Stein would like to be the Green Party nominee, because that’s a relevant thing. We imagine she’s as nutbag crazy as she was back in 2016 when she received more than the difference of votes in Michigan and Wisconsin between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Would America’s last several years have gone differently if Jill Stein hadn’t been there to con those people? Would innumerable people whose lives were ruined or even ended as a result of the Trump administration be better off, or perhaps not dead now if Jill Stein didn’t have an inflated sense of her own relevance on this planet? Who can say! Ha ha!

She is so stupid. We remember this one memorable interview in 2017 where we wanted to throw things at our TV when she started complaining that the North Korean government was being demonized. Poor North Korea! Feeling bullied into making nuclear weapons!

Oh, and she was so mad about the US sanctioning Russia for attacking our election in 2016. How could you even prove Russia had done that, except for how it was proven one million times in one million ways?

But anyway, um, yeah, she’s fucking here.

Jill Stein Steps On Own Dick For Two Solid Minutes, And It Is BREATHTAKING

Jill Stein Steps On Own Dick For Two Solid Minutes, And It Is BREATHTAKING

Get Fucked, Dean Phillips

Get Fucked, Dean Phillips

Words, she is still making words:

“The political system is broken,” Stein said in a video posted on social media, announcing her bid for the nomination. “The bipartisan establishment failed us, and we need a party that serves the people.”


“Democrats have betrayed their promises for working people, youth and the climate again and again, while Republicans don’t even make such promises in the first place,” Stein said in her announcement video. “And both parties are a danger to our democracy — expanding censorship, criminalizing protests, throwing competitors off the ballot, suppressing debates, rigging their primaries.”

Oh fuck off.

But won’t Stein be running against fellow idiot Cornel West for the Green Party nom? No, you forgot that Cornel West is running as an independent now because you’ve been playing hooky from giving a fuck what Cornel West is doing for your entire life.

The Washington Post does remind us, though, that before West decided to quit Green Partying, Stein was helping with his campaign, and said he was “the right person for America.” Don’t know what changed there. We’d wildly speculate but oh my God, again, nobody has the bandwidth for “Jill Stein” anymore.

Fuck that. Declined. Defenestrate yourself, Jill Stein, because it turns out God has better things to do. Blog post over.

[Washington Post]


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