Google Play Store News: Google Play Store to open the data security section

Chennai: Google Play users will be able to find out how applications collect, share and secure data to Section on data security slated to open on the app platform Wednesday, according to the Google blog post.

Google also required developers to continue submitting information about their data collection practices for their apps by July 20, according to the post.

Apps must disclose if they share user information with third party applications, among other information. They must also share security practices, encryption methods, and whether users have the ability to wipe their data.

Google will continue to update the data security section, which means there will be updates for users when the app developer makes changes to data management and other features.

Users want to learn more about what an application does with its data, not just a contextless update on what data the applications collect, the statement says. “Users want to know for what purpose their data is collected and if the developer is sharing user data with third parties. Also, users want to understand how app developers are protecting user data after downloading. an app, “the post reads.

As early as May last year, Google posted on its Android developer blog that it was planning to roll out a section on security to allow users to understand how their data is being exploited. It announced changes to certain features in consecutive blog posts and extended the deadline for developers to prepare for compliance.

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