Green flags in a relationship

Here are 10 green flags in a relationship that should serve as a positive reminder that you are on the right track

SO, you have met someone new and the flames are blazing – or you have been in your current relationship for a long time now. In any case, you may be hoping for a magic ball to tell you what the future contains, and if your relationship has the ability to last. It’s important to be cautious of possible red flags in a new relationship, but that doesn’t mean you should not also be looking for ‘green flags’ – indicators that a relationship is going well.

Aside from the typical warm and fuzzy feelings you experience when you first meet someone, green flags might provide a hint whether your relationship has long-term potential. Understanding these green flags in a relationship might help you get a clearer, more complete picture of who someone is, and perhaps set you up for relationship success.

Attracted to one another

To begin with, one of the more visible green flags in partnerships is feeling attracted to each other. After dating for a while, your physical chemistry may not seem as thrilling, but passion should still be there in a good, long-term partnership. Most individuals overestimate their attractiveness, yet it is necessary to have a baseline of attraction in order to sustain love. Remember that attraction may increase over time as you get to know someone better. So, if there’s a smidgeon of chemistry, give your partner a chance to explore what can blossom between you.

You feel respected

The next green flag to look for is the respect you feel for each other. How your spouse treats you and others around them reveals a lot. Respect and communication are inextricably linked. So, if you and your spouse disagree and manage it properly by putting your relationship first and the argument second, that’s a good sign.

You find yourself smiling a lot

You love being around them. It is actually that easy. Feeling comfortable in each other’s company is a green flag during the early stages of a relationship. Do you feel happy? Are you grinning more than usual? Do your friends notice a difference in your mood?

They pay attention to the little things

When your partner goes out for shopping, it really is a good indicator if they remember your coffee order, your best friend’s birthday, or your favourite drink that you get all the time. Although they may appear small, simple gestures like this demonstrate that your companion is attentive to details and listens to you.

You do not worry where they are

Do they ever go missing without a trace? Do you frequently worry about who they are with, or what they are they up to? Those are warning signs that should not be overlooked at this stage. However, a green flag indicates that you are comfortable being separate from them and that you can actually trust them. You have complete faith in each other, and there are no secrets. If you have any difficulty, you are certain that they would respond appropriately, and you would also want to help them.

They are not solely focused on your physical relationship

Getting to know each other is likely the most crucial goal of dating, but you are unable to achieve it if the discussion or attention is oriented toward the physical connection, which is only one of many relationship components. Sure, sex is crucial in a romantic relationship and to our overall wellbeing, but having talks about it can be troublesome. It’s a plus if they show that they are genuinely interested in you, not simply what they can get out of it.

They mention their ex with no anger

Emotional conflicts can sometimes be the demise of many relationships before they ever begin. Bitterness and resentment from prior relationships are a solid indicator that your date has unfinished business with his or her former partner. If, on the other hand, they are respectful of their ex-partners, accepting of their former relationships and what they learnt from them, this might be a sign that they have matured, moved on, and are ready to engage into a new, good relationship with you.

You can both sense when things are off

Those who have deep emotional ties have a special ability when it comes to their partners. You don’t have to wait for your partner to say: “I had a rough day.” You can immediately tell, because you see it on their face when they get home from work. It comes across when they send you short, curt texts. You can sense when their rage is disguising their pain. And you know how to communicate with them and cope with them when they are having a terrible day; they learn the same about you.

They are attentive to your needs

You do not have to beg your companion for what you need in a good relationship. For example, if your spouse is aware that you require a particular amount of good quality time with them each week, they should include this into their plans and make an effort to accommodate it. If you live with someone and need them to help with tasks, this should not be a problem.

Not afraid to talk about the future together with you

This is an excellent green flag for anyone looking for a long-term connection. If your partner is open to discussing your future together, it’s a strong indicator that they’re in it for the long haul. It’s always a good idea to have such chats now and then, especially if you want to make sure you are both on the same page about what you want in the future.

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