Guava Sketches Presents “Christmas Stars” – Where Art and Fashion Converge

Artist Rachel Ngan Dueñas, fashion label Edya 1929, and contemporary homeware store Guava Sketches come together for a night of art and fashion



In a world where creative minds transcend boundaries, Guava Sketches invites you to embark on a journey of inspiration and beauty with “Christmas Stars.” This captivating event, set to illuminate your soul, is the first trunk show under the Edya 1929 label, marking its launch from November 18, 2023 to February 18, 2024 at the Guava Sketches stand in Greenbelt 5, Makati.

“Christmas Stars” brings together the artistry of Rachel Ngan Dueñas who will be presenting her third solo art exhibition of the year and the sustainable fashion genius of Yumi Sakamoto, founder of Edya 1929. Together, they craft a unique narrative that weaves a tapestry of aesthetics, sustainability, and heartfelt artistry. At its core, this exhibition is a testament to the power of transformation, where scraps become art, and pre-loved kimonos find new life.

“Christmas Stars” on November 18, 2023 at Guava Sketches, Level 3, Greenbelt 5

Art Collection: “Guiding Stars”

Rachel Ngan Dueñas
Rachel Ngan Dueñas

Rachel Ngan Dueñas is a visionary artist who has a remarkable talent for turning discarded remnants into captivating art. At “Christmas Stars,” you will be able to witness and even acquire her small to medium-sized hand-painted stars on frame. Each star tells a story of resilience and beauty, breathing new life into forgotten fragments.

Dueñas’ approach is nothing short of inspirational, taking single-use packaging destined for the landfill and molding them into awe-inspiring pieces to display. Her dedication to preserving the environment resonates in every brushstroke, every shape, and every star.

Lifestyle Collection: “Origami”

EDYA1929xAmi Akishima
EDYA1929xAmi Akishima

Owner of Edya 1929 and fashion designer, Yumi Sakamoto graces the stage with a collection featuring the art of “Origami”—where fashion and sustainability are intricately woven. Sakamoto is a slow fashion advocate, and her creations breathe new life into pre-loved kimonos, saving them from disposal and transforming them into 3D silken star Christmas tree ornaments. Her Origami collection is inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding.

Yumi Sakamoto of EDYA1929
Yumi Sakamoto of EDYA 1929
A 3D Christmas tree ornament made of Kimono silk
A 3D Christmas tree ornament made of Kimono silk

“For the Japanese culture, origami is not only a traditional art form of paper folding. It is the earliest act of love in the developing stage of a baby. It is as important as bedtime stories for the child and is a way for families to get together. During the great disasters or illness, the Japanese will be folding ‘suru’ (crane) or ‘senbazuru’ (thousand cranes). It is our physical prayer as if to say: ‘You are not alone.’ and ‘you are in our prayers’ I want my origami collection to make the homes feel love and every fold is a prayer embedded for their wellbeing,” shares Sakamoto.

Guava Sketches’ Sustainability: A Shared Commitment

Guava Sketches
Guava Sketches | Photo courtesy of JT Fernandez

At Guava Sketches, sustainability is a way of life. Their profound appreciation for the form and function of everyday objects is deeply ingrained with a commitment to environmental care. This dedication extends to thoughtfully curating brands that align with their eco-friendly principles all the way to implementing eco-conscious packaging.

This commitment takes on new meaning as they partner with Edya 1929 for “Christmas Stars”—a unique collection that embodies the very essence of artistic and environmentally-friendly expression. With Edya 1929, they share a vision of sustainable living that is poised to grace your homes with a touch of inspiration and thoughtful art.

It is not merely an exhibition; it’s an experience that transcends art. It’s a journey of transformation, of finding beauty in the discarded, of bringing love and healing through folds and stitches.

Find beauty in the discarded at the Guava Sketches Stand in Greenbelt 5, where “Christmas Stars” will shine brightly from November 18, 2023 to February 18, 2024.

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