He says Russian President Vladimir Putin could be assassinated in a coup

Reports are emerging that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s days may be numbered as his failures increase in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin could be assassinated in a coup over the chaotic invasion of Ukraine as he has no “future” if the war is unsuccessful, a former US general warned.

Prominent figures in the Russian military and security services have become increasingly frustrated with the weak and sickly tyrant’s handling of the deadly war. The sun relationships.

But General Jack Keane said Putin “will do anything” to stay in power since he knows the alternative would be his “death”.

The former US Army Deputy Chief of Staff told Fox News: “It’s about staying in power. This is his motivation. He will do anything to stay in power.

“The alternative, he knows very well, of a successor who disagrees with him, could mean his end: his disappearance.

“He is struggling to stay in power and is determined, I believe, to still achieve his goals even if his goal is the south. [of Ukraine].

“He still wants to take over the country, overthrow the regime – and I take Putin seriously. I think many of us have served him for a number of years, but he is about to return to the Russian empire.

“I think as long as he’s in power, he’ll look for him.”

He added: “He has no future other than being the president of Russia. This is a fact. “

Russian military generals are thought to want to be left free to storm Ukraine and even go to war with NATO after accusing the West of fighting a proxy war against Moscow through its support of Kiev.

The mighty Russian siloviki – or security blockade – allegedly accused Putin of a “grave mistake” after withdrawing from the capital Kiev and concentrating on seizing control of the Donbas region to the east.

Russia expected to be able to march through Ukraine without much fighting, but in reality the invading troops faced valiant resistance.

Last month, Ukrainian forces pushed Russian troops out of Kiev and managed to reoccupy cities and defensive positions up to 33km east of the capital in a major victory.

The Kremlin said the first phase of its campaign to “denazify and demilitarize” Ukraine was a success despite the withdrawal of Russian troops – and will now focus its efforts on the breakaway province of Donetsk.

The growing frustration of top Russian military and intelligence chiefs over the war also comes as rumors swirl about Putin’s physical health.

A Kremlin insider has reportedly said he will undergo an operation for cancer and hand over power to his hard-line spy chief.

It is thought that the Russian dictator could now face a revolt from his inner circle amid unprecedented criticism and the growing demand for “all-out war” and “mobilization”.

New intelligence analysis has suggested he could be ousted in a “palace coup” organized by his cronies within two years.

Russian security expert Andrei Soldierov told the Center for European Policy Analysis: “Does it matter? It matters a lot.

“This is the first time that the siloviks are distancing themselves from the president. Which opens up all sorts of possibilities. “

Putin is already preparing for a possible military coup after purging 150 spies for the invasion of Ukraine.

He launched a “Stalinist” purge of his intelligence services, including the sending of Sergei Beseda, head of the FSB’s Fifth Service, to prison.

But the FSB, led by SVR chief Sergei Naryshkin, is still pushing for uncompromising military action in Ukraine despite the incarceration of its supreme leader.

And Alexander Arutyunov, a veteran of the Russian Spetsnaz, shared a video in pro-military groups pleading with Putin to escalate the war.

He said: “Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, please decide, are we fighting a war or are we having fun?”

The former military intelligence commander said: “Hit them everywhere, completely destroy all their airfields.

“Turn them into lunar craters so that not a single plane with a Bayraktar [military drone] can take off

“We have to destroy all of their rail lines with missiles so large that they spend years repairing them,” he said.

“If I get it, why don’t your best guys get it? This is beyond me. “

Russian analyst Alexey Muraviev previously warned that Putin faces a potential coup from within his military and intelligence services.

Muraviev told Sky News Australia that the coup could come because they want to try to win the war, not to stop the aggression in Ukraine.

He said: “I think there have been tensions between Russia and the intelligence community and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Because clearly there was a clear error of judgment that was committed and was probably led by Putin himself on the situation in Ukraine.

“Regarding the initial planning and initial phase of the invasion where the Russian military naturally assumes that they will go there as liberators rather than invaders.

“I think that kind of false narrative was presented to them by the supreme commander-in-chief, and when he returned fire when the Russians started taking heavy casualties, Putin started silently blaming the security services.

“Which I don’t think went really well because it comes from within the security apparatus.”

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Originally published as “Cancer-stricken and irrational”: says Vladimir Putin could be killed in coup while spy bosses plot