Here are some of those “right bumper stickers” WaPo spotted on cars in Florida –

Since the Biden administration apparently can’t be wrong, the Washington Post’s fixation for Florida under the governor. Ron DeSantis continues. DeSantis’ spox Christina Pushaw singled out WaPo’s latest attempt to appeal to their liberal readers by reinforcing their fiction-based beliefs about Florida:

The story also contained some examples of “right bumper stickers” that appear on vehicles in Florida. Here are some examples:

“Do not step on Florida” and “do America Florida”? Wow, the WaPo probably considers that person no better than an “insurgency”. It is also interesting to note that supporting the police is now a “right” thing. Keep it up, lib media, you’re doing great – and you’ll just find out such as great in November.

And “not good for democracy” now translates to “not good for democrats”.

The post is just one step away from connecting the dots like this:

lol Don’t give them any idea!



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