Here’s how Twitter’s Edit button will finally work

New Delhi: ace Twitter plans to provide its users with an Edit button, after a push from its future boss Elon MuskTo help them fix errors in their tweets, app researcher and reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong revealed their first taste of the new tool on Tuesday.

He tweeted a video with the steps required to edit a tweet. A user must press a button called “Edit Tweet” in the drop-down context menu, then they can edit the post.

“The current unedited version of Tweet Edit reloads media files (images, videos, GIFs, etc.) instead of reusing them. Inefficient use of bandwidth and media processing power, as well as turning my video into a ‘image (poorly managed media type), “he said in a tweet.

At the moment, it appears that a user will have 30 minutes after posting a tweet to hit the Edit button.

You can also replace the entire media (photo / video file) embedded in the tweet.

The Edit button will show the user the entire original content, and the user can then either delete the entire post or start over, as the tool doesn’t show up just for grammatical errors.

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Previous reports suggest that the micro-blogging platform will also keep a digital track of your previous tweets.

Wong said the edit button may have “immutable” quality.

“It appears that Twitter’s approach to editing the Tweet is immutable, as instead of mutating the Tweet text within the same Tweet (same ID), it recreates a new Tweet with the edited content, along with the list of old ones. Previous tweets from that change, ”Wong posted last month.

Initially, the edit button will be available to Twitter Blue users and will be extended to everyone at a later stage.

Amid Musk’s $ 44 billion takeover bid, Twitter announced last month that it is working to allow users to edit their tweets after posting to correct typos and errors.

Jay Sullivan, the company’s vice president of consumer products, said the edit button was the most requested Twitter feature for many years.

“Without things like time limits, controls and transparency on what has been changed, Edit could be misused to alter the public conversation recording,” he commented.

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