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With Father’s Day is around the corner, our readers share their wishes in honour of their Super Dad

FATHERS have an important role in the lives of their children. They are one of the most important influences in a child’s life. Daughters feel safe with their fathers, while sons mirror their behaviour. They, like our mums, teach us vital values and abilities. They influence the relationships that children form as they develop and help shape who we are today. BUZZ asked readers to send in wishes for their fathers ahead of Father’s Day this weekend on June 19.

Steven Tee – Sandy Tee

“Dear Daddy, you are my hero, my number one supporter who I can always turn to when I am in need. You constantly give me great advice. As you are aware, I am not great at expressing my emotions, but I want you to know that I appreciate you. Thank you for being the best father imaginable! I wish you the best of luck and health. Dad, I love you!”

Saravanan – Anushri & siblings

“I always look up to you as a role model, daddy! Everyone says that superheroes don’t exist, but they haven’t met you. You take care of so many things while still making time to love me. I know it’s a simple word, but thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us, daddy!”

Zainruin Zakaria – Ain Syahira

“My father is a loving man who is also stern at times to keep us in line. He takes care of all of our needs and is always there for every member of the family in times of financial or emotional need. He works tirelessly for our comfort and has our best interests at heart whenever we require his guidance. Thank you for your inspiration, love, and support, Dad. I feel really lucky to have you as a father. Thank you for giving our family so much strength, comfort, and joy.”

Muthaloo Subrayan – Chandra & siblings

“Happy Father’s Day to the guy who is our source of inspiration, strength, and the best father in the world. Dear Appa, for all the things you have done and all the times you were there for us, they tell me how much you care. We appreciate everything you do and consider ourselves lucky to have a father like you. We pray to God to always bless you with the best of health and happiness. Here’s to celebrating you today, every day of the year, and forever. We love you pa.”

Fan Weng Foon – Fan Wei Seng & Brothers

“My father is the most talented handyman I know. Among his neighbours and family, he was known as Mr. Fix, as he could fix anything, and as the magician, as he could change any old items into new ones. My father is the type of guy who lets me experience life in my own way and then picks me up when I stumble, who lets me see things in my own way and then shares his point of view; I know he’s always by my side. My father is a silent romantic; he was never a vocal person and would never say “I love you” to anybody, including my mother, but his actions said volumes by giving us all he had. I’m fortunate to have my father in my life. Stay healthy at all times, live in the moment, and live your life for yourself, not to meet the expectations of others.”

Sutopo Tajab – Zuhayril

“Dear Superhero: Father’s Day greetings, Pa! I never told you how much I love you, but please know that I am immensely grateful for always believing in me and supporting me in every stage of my life. You added purpose to my life. I promise I’ll make you proud one day!”

Thivarah – Ravina

“Happy Father’s Day to the most loving, caring, and supporting father. Thank you for all of your sacrifices for our family, as well as the joy and love you bring into our lives. Thank you for always guiding me in the correct direction and showing me the right way. Thank you for everything you have done for me. You’ve always been there for me as a father and a best buddy. Daddy, I will always love you.”

Roslan – Isma & siblings

“My father is the first man I met in my life. My dad is my finest role model in life. I grew up following his every footstep. He’s always there to guide me to the right path in life. You work tirelessly day and night so that you can support all of us. Words can’t express thankful we all are. We love you! Stay happy, stay healthy!”

Saifuddin – Natasha

“Dad, thank you for everything you have done for us. You have always been my ATM machine whenever I needed money, and I appreciate everything you have done to shape me into the person I am today. You are the first man I fell in love with and I am eternally grateful to God for giving me the most supportive father.”

Zairill Hisham – Hazique & siblings

“It’s hard to imagine where we would be without you, Abah. You are a great source of inspiration and wisdom for all of us. Thank you for everything you have done for us. We are really lucky to have you as our dad. We value your unconditional love and patience because we understand how difficult it is to raise us. We love you, Dad. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you a very happy Father’s Day. Please stay healthy!”

Parndorengan – Hemalatha & sisters

“He gave us life, nurtured us, educated us, dressed us, fought for us, yelled at us, but most importantly, he loved us unconditionally. There are not enough words to express how important our father is to us and how great an influence he continues to be. Your tears and fears are unseen, your love is unsaid, but your care and protection remain a rock of strength throughout our lives, Naina. You made many sacrifices in order for us to achieve our dream. We appreciate everything you have done for us. Our superhero, we love you.”

Chin Say Sin – Yiing Ee and Yiing Ping

“ ‘What are we eating today?’ ‘Where are you now?’, ‘Where is Mommy?’ are the most common questions we ask our father. When I tell people that my father is our cook at home because he enjoys cooking, we always receive great response and see a flash of adoration. Every morning, he wakes up early and prepares breakfast for us without any complaints. His acts have become a way for him to convey his love and concern for us. He dedicated his entire life to protecting his children and providing us with the finest possible life. Our gratitude to you, daddy, is beyond words. We want to express how proud we are of you; you have always played a silent and determined part in our lives; we appreciate everything you have done for us, and we love you!”

Mathen – Rashentini and Brothers

“Thank you for being there for us, Appa. You have provided for us and given us your best so that we can live a happy life. We have always respected your football enthusiasm and your ability to balance work and life. You looked after us and never let us grumble about anything. We just want you to know how much we admire and love you. You are our hero. We love you in every way. Appa, live well; you deserve all the happiness in the world!”

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