Holly Hagan of Geordie Shore loses over 8kg in 18 weeks without a diet

Holly Hagan, who rose to fame at Geordie Shore, revealed the healthy way she lost 8kg before her wedding and didn’t go on a diet.

Holly Hagan detailed how she managed to lose over 8 kilograms in less than five months before her wedding – and there was no diet in sight.

The TV personality and influencer – who became famous thanks to MTV’s Geordie Shore – explained that she was able to lose weight without dieting by following a few simple steps.

Holly, 29, revealed she gained weight after the holiday season when she enjoyed and ate with no restrictions.

However, she explained that she needed to lose weight after Chrissy to fit her wedding dress.

Bringing on her Instagram account – on which she boasts 4.1 million followers – Holly posted a story about her weight loss.

Using a chart to demonstrate her weight loss journey in December, Holly showed how she gradually lost 453 grams per week over a total of 18 weeks.

He wrote: “Today I reached my goal !!! 18 pounds (8 kg) less in 10 weeks! “

Holly explained that while in some weeks she lost weight, in others “I didn’t lose weight at all” and that “for 4 weeks I stayed the same but I kept going”.

The star explained how she hadn’t been on a special diet and hadn’t entered the gym “more than a handful of times”.

He had simply blocked a calorie deficit and “exercise that I enjoy and that I could do every day without giving up”.

Holly wanted to clarify that she does not believe she is slimmer and leaner “it does not mean that I am at the peak of my health and fitness”.

“I was MUCH stronger, 8kg more and I’d say I preferred the way I felt in the gym at the time,” he said.

“Skinny / health / fitness are not mutually exclusive.

“There is absolutely no reason for me to be this weight all year round and I’m happy I stopped fighting for it. “

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