Hori’s Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa review: An incredible arcade stick that’s perfect for professionals and casual gamers – Eugene Sowah

Hori continue their superb craftsmanship with the fantastic Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa arcade stick

Hori’s Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa arcade stick

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Hori are a legendary company who is renowned for its excellent craftsmanship when it comes to designing third-party hardware.

They have a strong history of partnering with the biggest names in the gaming industry to create fantastic products that aim to greatly enhance the user’s experience.

Their wide range of innovative products is always built with the highest quality which has kept them at the forefront of third-party companies for several years.

Hori has a diverse catalogue of products that include several accessories and console hardware. They are most notable for their controllers which aim to match and surpass the first-party versions.

But most of all Hori are particularly known for their Arcade sticks, which the Fighting game community hold in high regard.

Hori has designed multiple arcade sticks for several consoles, but more recently they have set their sights on the Nintendo Switch, releasing the Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa.

Hori’s Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa arcade stick has an incredible build



The Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa was one of the first major arcade sticks created for the Nintendo Switch, so naturally, fans of the genre were excited when it was announced.

Plus with it being officially licensed by Nintendo, instantly ensures that players were getting a quality product.

Hori’s Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa is one of the most impressive-looking fight sticks around. It has a stellar design that’s modelled after authentic arcade cabinets in Japan.

It’s a big piece of hardware with plenty of room for players to rest their arms. Miraculously for its size, it only weighs 2.2kg which will limit the amount of pressure when playing for long periods on your lap.

The weighted bottom feels robust and sturdy which ensures it won’t be sliding anywhere. The base is also padded, which just increases the overall comfort for long periods of play.

Its brazen colour scheme of black and red is simply splendid and a perfect match for the Nintendo Switch.

The original Hayabusa parts are strong and responsive



The Hori’s Real Arcade Pro V has nine buttons and a joystick on the top which gives players full control of their gaming.

Hori has included the plus button on the surface as it’s one of the most used system buttons of the Nintendo Switch.

The buttons are much lower than the average arcade stick, with bevelled edges which allows players to press them quicker. The matte finish will ensure that players’ fingers won’t slip off.

It features buttons at the side which include all the system controls and extras toggles that are specific to the arcade stick.

Although I would have preferred them to be placed at the top as this will allow for easier access during fast-paced games.

The main buttons and stick are made from Hori’s patented original Hayabusa parts, which just feel marvellous and strong.

They really held up well during long plays with intense fast pace games such as Dragon Ball FighterZ and Blaze Blue.

It sports a brazen colour scheme that matches the Nintendo Switch



The Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa comes with a few extra features such as being able to be used on a PC which is great for a product that is officially licensed by Nintendo.

The joystick toggle button grants players the ability to switch between the left stick, right stick, or D-Pad.

This is a nice feature to include as it allows players to access other extra controls that come with a Pro Controller.

This arcade stick does not have any wireless connectivity options but it comes with a 10ft USB cable that has a slick compartment to store it in.

Wireless arcade sticks are sought after but having a cable as long as 10ft is way more than enough to give players extra range when setting up their gaming session.

It performed perfectly with the different speeds and styles of gameplay, I didn’t experience any input lag either.

The arcade stick doesn’t offer much in terms of customisation, which is a slight shame as it would be nice to have the option to change the faceplate.

However, Hori has released the Arcade stick with special designs if this colour scheme isn’t your preference.

Verdict 5/5

Hori has really set the bar high with this incredible fight stick that excels with its remarkable build and robust input peripherals.

This is the perfect choice for fighting game enthusiasts and professionals alike who are happy to pay a bit extra for this fantastic device.

Hori’s Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa arcade stick is out now for £139.99

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