House explodes in Plum, sends 5 people to the hospital

PLUM (KDKA) – After a house exploded overnight in Plum Borough, a family was rushed to the hospital.

There were three adults and two children taken to the hospital from Hialeah Drive.

One person was saved from life.

Firefighters say the fire, which started around 11:30 pm last night, initially spread to houses to the right and left.

And despite the massive damage, the fire was handled quite easily.

Neighbors say they saw a boy jump out of a house window with broken glass and ash on his back.

Officials say that despite everything, everyone is lucky to have survived.

“Extremely lucky. Extremely lucky. When we first arrived on the scene, we were here within five minutes of the initial dispatch,” said Holiday Park Fire Chief James Sim. “The house was completely involved. The roof had already collapsed, the side walls were giving way. It’s amazing that they survived this incident.”

The house is now in pieces and its foundations have completely collapsed.

The sight of the flames was shocking to the neighbors.

“It was something I had never seen before,” said Ron Jankowski, a neighbor. “The flames were as fast as you heard them. The flames were pretty high. They were out of control; you can see the garage door in the street. That boom and the family were still in the house when the house was starting to burn up.”

The Allegheny Fire Marshal is investigating a lawsuit.

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