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We all remember the holdout from the Los Angeles Times who refused to accept the notion that Hamas had beheaded babies during its attack on innocent civilians in Israel — he apparently would settle for nothing less than video of the beheadings to believe it was anything but Israeli propaganda.

The IDF has held a couple of screenings for journalists of video taken by Hamas terrorists on October 7. Israeli actor Gal Gadot arranged for a screening in Los Angeles, which was crashed by Hamas sympathizers … the same ones tearing down posters of kidnapped children.

Marc Rod of Jewish Insider reports that House members got a screening Tuesday, and many left crying.


Hamas doesn’t live in 2023.

So the Senate gets a screening on Thursday. This is video taken by the terrorists themselves that they uploaded to social media. What we saw was horrific … what we haven’t seen in unfathomable.

Just another reminder that Hamas started this. They allegedly planned it for years.

There are still people in the replies — who haven’t seen the footage — who insist it’s all fake Israeli propaganda. It’s stunning how many people can’t accept that Hamas slaughtered more than a thousand innocent civilians, and actually go to great lengths to argue that Hamas wouldn’t actually do all of these things. They’re animals with an insane hatred of Jews instilled in them from birth … of course they’d do these things, and people are in the streets by the hundreds of thousands celebrating it.


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