How adventurer Tyson Mayr achieves his travel and fitness goals

His job is to travel the world, but that doesn’t mean Tyson Mayr gives up: the daily routine of the seasoned traveler is regimented like a military operation.

Who hasn’t fantasized about quitting their job, buying a one-way plane ticket, and traveling the world so you can be one of those envious influencers posting a stream of great travel photos?

Tyson Mayr not only followed that impulse 13 years ago (and has since traveled to more than 60 countries), but has made a career out of it, turning his passion into a series of TV shows, including I’m A Celebrity. … Get Me Out Of Here !, National Geographic’s Solo in Oz and a 900km stand-up paddle board adventure for Bear Grylls Eco Challenge.

For a guy with so much movement, it’s no big shock to learn that Mayr’s daily routine is regimented like a military operation.

“Within three minutes of waking up, I brushed my teeth, drank 500ml of water and was out walking to the beach with my dog ​​Willow,” he says.

“We walk for a couple of kilometers, followed by a 500m sprint on the beach or a kilometer of light running on soft sand. This is followed by a 10-minute mobility routine that I developed for my specific needs, a quick swim in the ocean and then a coffee at home while I write my morning journal. “

In addition to new fitness goals (as well as trying to get his dog to ride in the front of his paddle board (“I plan to incorporate stand-up paddle boarding into my morning routine twice a week, as I find it to be one). most – emptying activities that also provide a full-body workout “), Mayr is also planning – you guessed it – other travel adventures.

“I have a travel company that I have been developing for many years now, which will provide truly groundbreaking experiences for travelers around the world, while helping to make the world a fairer and more sustainable place, but especially for those communities and parts of the world. who needs it most, ”he says.

“Covid has provided me with the first opportunity to sink my teeth into this project and while I am still building my team and have a lot more work to do, I am overwhelmingly excited.”

Tyson Mayr on …


“Turning off the phone at 9pm and reading a good book in bed was the best sleep routine I could find. I prefer inspirational memories or a lighter reading before bed, something that doesn’t require too much brain power, but still allows a positive or inspirational message to filter through before I rest.


“Being active provides a foundation for my life in so many ways. It’s the days you want to train least that are the most important. These are those days when you remind yourself that you showed up even when you were tired, and therefore you can present yourself to any challenge thrown at you. Also, I’m no longer focused on my looks, but rather on building a body that will serve me best now and in the future as well. I want to be so active for decades to come ”.


“Besides fitness, journaling is perhaps my most effective mental health tool. The simple act of writing down your thoughts has immense power, and while it can be addressed at times, it really allows you to clear up your mind and process whatever bounces inside your head. Practicing gratitude is also something I strongly believe in and a tool in which I aim to improve ”.

The best advice he’s ever been given

“Don’t try to make everything perfect; Just do it, then do it again, then keep doing it. I live a life that tends more to quality than quantity; from the work I aim to dedicate to the time I spend with people. But perfection as we think of it kills creativity. So, this is a tightrope that I’m constantly in balance on. “


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