How the Greens are using online chaos to fuel their election campaign

From shitty posts to Shrek TikToks’ giant balls, Australia’s Greens are leaning on the improvisational nature of internet culture to campaign.

Australian Greens have embraced social media chaos (Image: Instagram / Facebook)

At the end of last year, the official Facebook page of Australian Green leader Adam Bandt appeared in a group called “Auspol shitposting”. The Facebook group of 3,000 highly online Australians is dedicated to discussing Australian politics (“auspol”) by creating and sharing ironically low-quality memes and posts (“shitposting”).

It’s not the kind of online space politicians usually find themselves in – inauthentic social media posts and politicians’ cringe are often the subject of derision from group members – which is why Bandt’s arrival attracted a some attention in the group. Members waited for him to post something, posting memes about his silent presence. (Unbeknownst to them, Bandt’s participation was an accident. A Green staff member had accidentally joined the official account instead of his own.)

Then Bandt’s tale finally spoke.

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