How will presidential bets address the South China Sea dispute?

Top presidential candidates for the 2022 Philippine elections: (top left) Leody de Guzman, Leni Robredo Vice President, Isko Moreno Domagoso (bottom left) Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Ping Lacson Manny Pacquiao

Where did Malacanang’s hopes lie:

Leody De Guzman

Ah, the problem is that you saw China, the same one you lost, right? The kailangan talaga natin is pakikipag- – hindi naman nat kayang labanan giyerahin yung China dahil to inabot kilometer of military capability.

This is why they have been taken into consideration by the international court and international court and by China, as in Southeast Asia for the members of the signatory country, as well as in UNCLOS in China, in China in many countries in India pinapaygan . In this way one can achieve economics, diplomacy, pressure on China and mapping or trade with other members of the Western Philippine Sea. This was created and approved by China including one member who signed UNCLOS for all its members. Also, the Coast Guard or the Navy are available to protect people.

De Guzman said this during a presidential debate hosted by SMNI on February 15, 2022.

Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso

In a civilized world, in a civilized time, we are guided by law and order. O and pabor sa’tin yung

Aia, oh and dapat kilalanin nila yon. Or Hindi naman nila kikilanin, but sisiguraduhin ko muna first of all: food safety. Yung mga mangingidsda natin, sisiguraduhin ko makakapangisda kayo diyan. Yan and Katiyakan. Second, Hindi na lalawak pa kung ano man yung mga nakuha nila. Habang binabawi natin yung nakuha na nila, Hindi na sila makalalawak. Thirdly, I will make sure that there is a presence of our armed forces in that archipelago area.

Moreno said this during the presidential talks moderated by Jessica Soho of GMA News on January 22, 2022.

Panfilo “Ping” Lacson Sr.

Kailangan ituloy yon kasi permanent yung ruling na yon. They are not yet implementable, they are not yet available, and they establish alliances with militarily strong countries such as the United States, European Union countries, Japan, Australia and many other countries. Balance of power and Kailangan in the western Philippine Sea. Foreign policy is about the national interest. I capitalize on my national interests without giving up freedom of navigation and 10 to 12 percent of international trade. So do not think about anything, as if it were not so, as in Tsina idem.

Lacson also said it during the same GMA News presidential interviews in January.

Ferdinando Marco Jr.

Kailangan Nat has never been used in any way and in English to avoid problems. Duterte’s new government engagement policy, although criticized, is this the right way to go dahil anong gagawin natin? Hindi naman natin pwedeng igarahe. It can be useful for patrol sailing, for jet for kung sakali mapalaban tayo. E ba’t pa natin iisipin yon kung mapalaban tayo, tapos yung giyerang yan wala pang is an linggo, tapos na yan. Talonna Tayo. So huwag na nating isipin yon. Although this is the moment of bilateral consent, it is the most important for bilateral consent during the resolution of territorial conflicts, it is entitled to territorial claims by the country, not to mention that the ICC can also be added to another country. Public opinion is fine with the Pilipinas, susundan ko your ICC decision. Kailangan yung China, was released for many problems. Pero the signer of China Hindi naman in the ICC tag. Pangalawa, sinabi na nila by umpisa: hindi namin susunduan, hindi namin kinikilala yung mga decision in ICC. So wala sa atin yon. This is one thing to prevent conflicts in territorial conflicts from being available. Gigiyerahin mo tapos ite-take control of mo yung lugar. This is another way to acquire new territory. Ayaw naman nating gawin yon. I don’t think the Chinese want to go to war with us. We certainly don’t want to go to war with China. So the only thing left, the third option left is a bilateral agreement. And we must come to [a] bilateral agreement on many articles because naging komplikado na itong problem. So although the direction of Duterte’s government in terms of foreign policy for China and the Western Philippine Sea is nag-eengage tayo, we need to engage China at many different levels right now. Hindi is at a diplomatic level, but also at an economic, social, cultural and sporting level. All exchanges of messages in Italian.

We must remember the problem of diplomatic relations between the United States and China, ping pong and. Dahil started playing pingpong in America and playing pingpong in China, playing pingpong in America and playing pingpong in China. So you never know saan lilitaw yung pagkakataon na maayos natin yung kaya problem we have to explore many different levels. Yung mga backdoor. Marami Naman is a businessman who connects to China. Sabihin natin sige, mag-usap kayo baka sakali. On the military level, he puwede rin natin pag-usapan kung ano yung mga dapat kailangang gawin, mainvolve para to protect the western Philippine Sea.

Tapos is always the biggest problem right now. They were never named fishermen, they were not chased off the warship they never had, and they were not tired. In this is already the tenth generation of fishermen, nandiyan sila namimingwit tapos biglang sasabihin nyo na hindi sila pwede. So dahan-dahan kayo. Hindi can be used at one time or another. It will take some time because .. Naghiwalay nga, dahan-dahang ibabalik from travel and from China and the Pilipinas.

Marcos said this during the Friday News Forum hosted by News5 in September 2021.

Manny Pacquiao

Unang-una po, ipaglaban natin yung karapatan natin. Hindi naman tayo pUwede rin magpabully. And when it comes to an existing problem, it doesn’t solve the problem at a time when you travel, you go along the way using this: Western Philippine Sea. All the dialogues of kailangan, maraming for magkaintindihan. Kasi matagal na yan and hindi natin maresolba resolba kasi wala pong pag-uusap, mismo sana na hindi lang isa or dalawang pag-uusap.

Pacquiao also made this observation during the presidential interviews broadcast on GMA News.

Leni Robredo

More information on ditto statements and lagi kong inuulit-ulit na kailangan yung decision on this, i-leverage natin. I use the nation to help the coalition of nations. Na yung coalition of Nations na mabubuo natin – – ang daming kumakampi sa atin due to the arbitration ruling. Pag-isahin natin yung coalition of nations for sabay-sabay nating harangin yung ginagawang militarization in the western Philippine Sea. Yung sa’kin, sobrang tagal na, and dami nang nangyari also after pinanalo na natin yung kasong this. A meron tayong armas. Your paraphernalia has returned home. Besides, this is your native paraphernalia for your baby and your health in the future.

Robredo said this during one of the presidential talks with Soho by GMA News.