Hugo Ball’s cryptic Mother’s Day post after being stabbed by mom Samantha Palmer

A former private schoolboy who was attacked by his mother at their mansion in Sydney’s lush east shared a bizarre Mother’s Day message.

A Sydney man who was brutally stabbed by his mother shared a mysterious post on social media on Mother’s Day.

In November 2020, former private schoolboy Hugo Ball, then 22, was attacked by his mother Samantha Palmer at their mansion in the upscale suburb of Bellevue Hill east of Sydney.

Last September, she avoided jail after a court sentenced her to a 17-month intensive correction order after pleading guilty to a charge of reckless injuries.

A two-year AVO was also put in place to prevent Palmer from approaching his son, unless through a lawyer or if they had decided to reconnect for family counseling.

The court had heard that Palmer was battling post-traumatic stress disorder caused by threats, intimidation and assaults from his ice addict son when he repeatedly stabbed him with the life of a butcher in the attack that nearly resulted in death. .

Now, 18 months after the horrific incident, the former Scottish student has shared several cryptic social media posts in honor of Mother’s Day, urging his followers to “treasure” their mothers and “make them proud.”

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing women out there who are the backbone of a strong family structure,” she posted on Instagram.

“Treasure her, you really have no idea what you have until she leaves … Believe me.”

Ball then revealed that he addressed new details about the stabbing in a second Instagram story, as well as responding to “attention seeking” claims by sharing his story.

In the second story, obtained from Daily Australia post, he claimed he was stabbed nine times during the frenzied attack, leaving him with wounds 12cm deep and just 2mm from the heart, which he said would have caused “instant death”.

“And for people who think I’m looking for attention, they are stabbed 9 times 12cm deep 2mm from your heart (instant death) by your mother,” he wrote.

“I’m sorry to be literally shocked to have to say this on my page for sensitive readers. “I’m not trying to get followers and girls who think this is my way of hitting with you and seeking attention in fkn traffic!

“Block me, you are a degenerate. The only message is to appreciate what you have and have a wonderful Mother’s Day. She also loves your number one family ”.

Last August, Ball was sentenced to an 18-month bail after pleading guilty to stealing $ 400 from an elderly woman who had withdrawn cash from an ATM in Bondi Junction.

But a magistrate decided not to jail him, saying he was making progress in turning his life around after his drug use increased following the stabbing.

The court heard that at the time of the theft, Ball was using “ice” several times a day and was unable to remember the crime, although the court was told that Ball was feeling “lost” during that time and that he had assuming it was a “low thing to do”.

After his arrest on May 25 last year, Ball undertook rehabilitation, including a 28-day stay at a clinic on the north coast, and had only experienced a “break” in his sobriety at the time of his court appearance.

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