Hulu’s “Crush” follows queer teens through some messy flirty adventures

Director Sammi Cohen hopes to make LGBTQ children “feel seen and celebrated” with their new adult comedy, which debuts this week.

The HuffPost took a peek at “squash, Out Friday on Hulu, via the clip above. In it, devoted art student Paige (played by the “Girl Meets World” star. Rowan Blanchard) shares a hilarious and awkward moment with her mother (Megan Mullally) as she prepares for school.

From there, the film follows Paige as she rehearses for her high school track team to avoid an unfair suspension.

The athletically challenged character, however, has a second reason. She is confident that getting a spot on her team will bring her closer to her longtime crush of hers, Gabriella (Isabella Ferreira), who happens to be one of the school’s top athletes.

Auli'i Cravalho (left) and Rowan Blanchard star in Hulu's "squash," out on April 29
Auli’i Cravalho (left) and Rowan Blanchard star in Hulu’s “Crush,” out April 29.

Before long, Paige finds herself in the middle of an unlikely love triangle when she realizes she is attracted to AJ (Auli’i Cravalho), a sports classmate with a close bond with Gabriella. Flirting follows, but only time will tell if romance is on young women’s cards.

“Crush” marks the directorial debut of a feature by Cohen. The director said she was immediately struck by the script by Kirsten King and Casey Rackham, which the writers loosely based on their experiences in high school.

“I read it, cried, laughed aloud and thought to myself, ‘This is the movie I’ve always wanted and never had growing up as a queer kid,’” Cohen told HuffPost in a post. interview. The emphasis of the script on “what comes after release,” he added, was particularly intriguing.

“For Paige, this story goes beyond a chapter in life where she’s letting the world know something,” said director Sammi Cohen. “It’s about letting people in.”

Ultimately, Cohen hopes that “Crush” will prompt viewers to “cheer for love”, whether or not they identify as LGBTQ, “because it’s a feeling we all connect to.”

“People aren’t defined only by their sexuality, it’s a larger piece of the puzzle,” he said. “For Paige, this story goes beyond a chapter in life where she is letting the world know something. It’s about letting people in.

“I hope the idea inspires our audience to leave wanting to be more vulnerable,” he added. “In the end, that’s how we connect further, love deeper, and laugh harder.”

“Crush” will debut on April 29th on Hulu.

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