Hunter Biden’s laptop has been tampered with and files have been added

According to an independent investigation and the person who recovered the device, files were added to Hunter Biden’s laptop after he left his possession.

Experts from the Washington Post and the man who owned the computer repair shop both came to the same conclusion that the files were added to Hunter Biden’s laptop after he left possession.

The Washington Post reported:

“Experts found that the data had been repeatedly consulted and copied by people other than Hunter Biden for nearly three years,” explained our report, with those we spoke to not being able to “reach firm conclusions about the content in the whole, including whether all of it came from a single computer or could have been assembled from files of multiple computers and placed in the portable drive.

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What Mac Isaac said next, however, was what was most noteworthy. When he did his “deep dive”, he said, “he has seen a lot of pictures” – but “he hasn’t seen many pictures that have been reported to [have been] seen.”

“I know that in the past year and a half there have been more attempts to inject questionable material into the laptop, not physically, but by passing off this misinformation or misinformation as coming from the laptop,” he said. “And that’s one of my main concerns because I’ve fought tooth and nail to protect the integrity of this drive and to jeopardize it will mean that everything I’ve sacrificed will be in vain.”

Hunter Biden’s laptop has been tampered with

The fact that the laptop has been tampered with and there are new warnings from the owner of the PC repair shop that misinformation has been placed on it casts doubt on the authenticity of anything Republicans will try to use to put impeached President Biden and force him a president to one term.

The Washington Post story also reports that someone tried to add files to the laptop a week after the initial New York Post story was published. The laptop has been damaged.

The moment the laptop emerged, Rudy Guiliani has worked for years to bring Russian misinformation into the media about Biden.

Fast forward two years e House Republicans are trying to use the corrupt laptop as evidence to impeach President Biden.

If the laptop contains Russian misinformation, Republicans are working side by side with the Kremlin in an effort to recycle it in the US media.

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