I hate the media, sure, but leave the journalists alone

Some members of the press have lost the ball in this election. But many issues relating to the setting of the elections have arisen from leading news reports and talented journalists.

(Image: Gorkie / Private Media)

There is no question about who is getting the worst press from the current elections. It would be, umm, the press itself. Hatred of the Australian media appears to be the way many Australians spend their time as they await the end of the election campaign. Social media is dominating: if there is a word cloud for this election, GOTCHA journalistic removal! would be the midfield.

Sure, I hate the media, but let’s leave journalists out. Furthermore, we recognize that many individual journalists – most of them, in fact – are doing a great job. It is journalists, no longer mass media, who amplify the agenda (with significant inputs from Twitter), story by story.

The core issues that are shaping the elections – such as the treatment of women in politics, the inherent corruption in a politicized grant process (and the resulting demand for a national ICAC), the aged care crisis – all started as news. , excavated disseminated and disseminated by reporters.

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