I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For … White House Press Briefing? Sure Whatever.

OT, but enough to make one scream: Grieving mother laments the loss of her 14 yo son to fentanyl.

She ‘didn’t know what it was, because no one was talking about it.’ Don’t have kids and cannot presume to know the depth of her pain. However, for the sake of any other children she may have, I beseech Dog to grant her peace and some personal clarity, in that – a) everyone has been talking about it on every conceivable platform for going on 10 years and, b) son’s overdose resulted from a laced Percocet, which leads me to believe there were a LOT of things she didn’t know about. Wish nothing but misery to the dealers who maximize profits by cutting their usual products with this death sentence. However, many of these parents who have lost children to fentanyl would advocate shooting migrants on sight at the border, rather than address the fact that their kid was already an addict. In the old days, this would be like the Mom of an end-stage drunk blaming the dude that sold him his fatal shot of moonshine.

Genard Musay

Genard is a reporter who reports on the biggest breaking news stories of the day as well as doing investigations and original stories

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