I will broadcast Harley-Davidson

Harley Davidson Inc: “We’ll have to accept it. … Even if it’s cheap, it’s not what we want.”

Talos Energy Inc: “It’s a little small for me, but it’ll do the job. … I think it’ll be fine at that.”

AT&T Inc: “AT&T is making a comeback … You can drive it for a couple of points, no more.”

Jumia Technologies AG: “It’s too dangerous … We need to stick together and improve our portfolios.”

Snowflake Inc: “If you look for a snowflake, if you look for a DoorDashif you take a view for a Airbnbthen you won’t be watching it for the next two years, so you can start buying Snowflake tomorrow morning. “

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co: “Really bad previous quarter, best quarter this quarter, that’s why it sells where it is. … People don’t trust [CEO Rich Kramer]. “