“I’m ready for Anthony”: Bill Shorten “happy” Australians voted “for change”

Labor MP Bill Shorten says it looks like I lifted a weight off my shoulders with Anthony Albanese’s victory, as he complains that he would have liked a Labor election victory to have occurred three years ago.

Mr. Shorten is the incoming NDIS and Government Services Minister for the Albanian government.

“It sounds like a national sigh of relief – the Morrison government had finished the shot, I probably would have liked this to happen three years ago – it didn’t have to be,” Shorten told Sky News Australia.

Mr. Shorten said one of the key differences between the 2019 election result and last weekend’s was “we had three years of Scott Morrison”.

“I also fully congratulate Anthony Albanese’s campaign and the whole team … it was an extraordinary result,” he said.

“I’m disappointed that we didn’t win in 2019, that doesn’t change.

“I am ready for Anthony and I am ready for the caucus, I am disappointed for the people who have lost their jobs and for the candidates who have not been successful.

“Above all I’m just please for the majority of Australians who voted for change.”

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