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Last month in Detroit, a Jewish leader named Samantha Woll was murdered in front of her home. 

Before any information was known the authorities somehow were sure the killing had nothing to do with antisemitism. 

Eventually, an arrest was made, but that person was released from custody. This is the NBC News post on X about that:

However, the Biden White House will probably award NBC News a few social credit points for including their desired narrative in the report: 

Yep, the Biden White House will definitely approve of this narrative assist:

A man who was held in custody in connection with the stabbing death of prominent Jewish community leader Samantha Woll has been released, his attorney said Saturday. 

The person, whose identity has not been released, had been taken into custody Wednesday in Kalamazoo, about 140 miles west of Detroit, authorities said.

And then…

Crimes against Muslim Americans and Jewish Americans have been of increasing concern to police in the wake of Hamas’ deadly Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel and the ensuing devastating Israeli bombardment of the impoverished and besieged Gaza Strip.


Well, there it is (as usual).

It seems that names and manifestos are withheld when they don’t fit any desired narratives. Maybe the killer will eventually be caught, not that we will necessarily know. 

Here’s one final obligatory reminder:


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