Indoor plant lights: indoor plants

Ample, an indoor horticulture brand, recently invented the Plant Light Nº1, a perfect device for growing indoor plants.

Accessing natural light and finding space to grow plants can be challenging, especially for apartment living. Plants are beautiful to look at and have many benefits. Houseplants can filter our breathed air and improve our physical well-being by providing high nutrients for our body.

Plant Light is Simple is an easy to use device created to let nature enter homes without natural sunlight. The plant lamp is designed for every home. Its base can accommodate planters up to 25cm in diameter.

The company preaches the importance of the distance between the artificial light source and the upper leaf play. For this reason, they have implemented an adjustable light arm which allows a height adjustment of 30 cm which leaves enough space for the plants.

Those with limited space and interested in growing indoor plants can learn more about this project at

Image Credit: Wide

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