Instead of Dr. Oz, this scary woman could win the PA GOP nomination for the Senate!

Donald Trump’s last-minute approval of JD Vance dragged the cowardly opportunist over the finish line the Ohio GOP Senate primary last week. However, Trump is proving less of a king in Pennyslvania, where MAGA worshipers have not fully embraced Dr. Mehmet Oz. When Trump introduced his fellow charlatan at a gathering in Greensburg, Pennyslvania on Friday, there were audible whistles.

The right does not trust Dr. Oz or the fascist conservative credentials it has recently adopted. He still leads the polls, but Oz and his main rival, David McCormick, are beating each other up. Apparently this provided an opening for an unlikely candidate, Kathy Barnette, who I will now google quickly.

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Barnette is an Army veteran and Fox News commentator. You are not, strictly speaking, “qualified”. This is her first race in the state. She challenged Democratic Republic Madeleine Dean in 2020 for the seat in the fourth congressional district and lost by nearly 20 points. However, a new survey by the Trafalgar Group Barnette is in second place, just two points behind Oprah Winfrey’s favorite snake oil salesman.

According to Politico, Barnette’s “unlikely – and, to some, incredible – rise has turned heads in political circles across the state because it defies political logic,” implying that there is something akin to logic in politics in these days.

[Barnette’s] opponents Mehmet Oz and David McCormick spent $ 12.4 million and $ 11.4 million on TV commercials, respectively, according to ad-tracking company AdImpact. Other candidates and outside groups have funded an extra $ 25 million in places. Oz also won a much sought after nod from Trump.

Barnette, on the other hand, spent a paltry $ 137,000 on TV.

Wow, $ 137,000 will get you two decent flat screen TVs. That’s not much of an ad spend for a US Senate campaign. Amy McGrath grossed $ 90 million – the gross opening day of Marvel’s new Scarlet Witch movie – and she’s never been close to unseating Mitch McConnell.

However, Dr. Oz and McCormick are spending a fortune by canceling each other out. McCormick desperately wanted Trump’s approval. He even sent his wife Dina Powell, a former Trump official, to plead his case, but to no avail. Now, like an abandoned lover, McCormick is cutting tires on the Oz campaign. HEY somewhat brutally attacked dott The Turkish background of Oz. Oz was born in the United States but also has Turkish citizenship and served in the Turkish army. He even voted in the 2018 Turkish elections. McCormick suggested this is a national security concern.

McCormick also posted an ad called “Wrong Endorsement In Pennsylvania,” and Trump responded to that less-than-subtle criticism as one would expect. At the demonstration on Friday, he called McCormick a “candidate of special interests and globalists and the Washington establishment” with ties to a company that “managed money for Communist China.”

So while Dr. Oz and McCormick wrestle in the mud, Barnette is growing up. She has a compelling life story, especially for anti-abortion voters: her mother was 11 when she was conceived as a result of rape. It’s awful, but Republicans will love having Barnette as a backer of their most extreme positions. My ass almost started crying during her “My Story” ad campaign.

Chris Mottola, a Pennsylvania GOP consultant who isn’t involved in his bidding, thinks Barnette is the real deal:

It has been a while since grassroots political people have told me that when there are candidate forums, she is the one who has the most enthusiasm. And what was said about her was, “Guys, I really like her, but she can’t win.” With Oz and McCormick just ferocious to each other, they end up with negative highs. Suddenly, you’re like, “Well, why not vote for her? I really like her.”

Barnette is also black, and that could prove to be a problem likely Democratic candidate John Fetterrman. It might hit him hard on hers far from commendable shotgun accident. Of course, Barnette is a black Republican, so she might attack him for pointing a gun at a black man and not fire.

I agree with reporter Victoria Brownworth that Barnette’s rise in the polls is “scary news.” Brownworth tweeted, “Kathy Barnette is an absolutely terrifying candidate who makes Dr. Oz and Dave McCormick seem moderate. She’s an extremist cut from the [Marjorie Taylor Greene] and the fabric of Michele Bachmann ”.

Brownworth explained a little more:

Worse, however, is that Barnette doesn’t immediately come across as bad or crazy as Greene and Bachman.

Go out and vote, no matter who wins the Democratic primary. I couldn’t stand it if Barnette was the only black woman in the United States Senate.


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