INSURRECTION! US Capitol Locked Down, DNC HQ Evacuated as Police Repel Pro-Hamas Protesters – Twitchy

It appears there’s a bit of sowing and reaping going on as a Democratic National Committee event in Washington, DC has been evacuated after violent pro-Palestine (aka pro-Hamas) protesters descended on the meeting and clashed with police while they were trying to get into the building. U.S. Capitol buildings have also been locked down:

Here are some clips from the fiery but mostly peaceful scene: 


Democrat Congressman Brad Sherman said they had to evacuate:

Even amid all the chaos, Rep. Sherman managed to make it about Republicans:

Here’s another:

Even still, there will not be breathless calls for an investigative committee or jail time for those who took part.

If the pro-Hamas demonstrators would just focus on Republicans, he’d have been fine with it? Shocker.

Several years in prison for each person involved in the violence — isn’t that how this works? Well, not for anybody on the Left.

Yes, it speaks volumes. Maybe the police should have just let the protesters inside so the DNC people could have a visit with their constituency. 

And the convention is in Chicago. What could possibly go wrong?

Should be interesting. All that’s for sure is that AOC must be confused right now:

But the Democrats still won’t use the “I” word.

Frankly it’ll be surprising if there are very many arrests that culminate in more than a few hours in custody.

The only thing fairly certain at this point is that the Biden White House will be doubling down on its anti-Islamophobia initiatives tomorrow. 


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