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Did Hamas write this?

This editor recently wrote a VIP post about how babies had become the focus of Hamas’ PR war against Israel. Never mind that Hamas is holding more than 30 babies and young children hostage in their tunnels, kidnapped from their parents after they were slaughtered. The Washington Post’s focus isn’t on those Israeli babies being held hostage by a terrorist group; instead, it’s on premature babies in hospitals in Gaza — hospitals underneath which Hamas operates. NBC News recently reported that the war on Hamas is causing women to give birth prematurely.

The Washington Post writes about how “Israel’s war with Hamas” is separating Palestinian babies from their mothers.

More than 11,000 Gazans now? So we’re still taking our casualty numbers from the Palestinian Health Ministry, which is run by Hamas. And of course, most of those are children.

The Post reports:

Most of the medical staff and Palestinian mothers interviewed for this story spoke on the condition of anonymity, citing security concerns for staff and patients. In the aftermath of Oct. 7, hundreds of Palestinians from Gaza, including hospital patients with permits, were arbitrarily detained by security forces, rights groups say.

The mothers trapped in Gaza have spent the past month and a half cowering in fear as Israeli airstrikes shake the earth and ground forces encircle the north of the enclave. Rooms that expecting parents decorated lovingly for new babies have been smashed. Clothes that infants would have worn in their earliest weeks have been lost to the rubble.

With communication networks shaky, text messages pleading for news of the babies’ health often don’t go through; the photographs sent back don’t always download. On Thursday, the territory was plunged into near-total blackout, and the updates stopped flowing altogether.


We’re just supposed to forget about the babies who were slaughtered on October 7.

We doubt the Washington Post covered this:

This is all while IDF soldiers enter the hospital with medical supplies and Arabic speakers to deliver humanitarian aid.


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