Jason Magbanua’s request to Tarlac cops after his son’s arrest with “Tinang 93”

A screenshot from a video shot by Altermidya shows police officers mistreating farmers and land reform supporters at a community event at Hacienda Tinang, Tarlac on June 9, 2022.

Wedding director Jason Magbanua he found that his eldest son was among those arrested without a warrant during a cultivation or “bungkalan” activity in Tarlac.

More than 80 people, including farmers, supporters and students, were arrested on Thursday 9 June for a land feud at a place called Hacienda Tinang in the city of Concepcion in Tarlac.

age Midy, a network of progressive media leaders, live streaming the incident on Facebook.

It can still be accessed at the time of writing.

Photos showing how policemen handled farmers and other volunteers were uploaded to social media.

‘Walang kasong maaaring isampa’

Based on relationshipsthe people who were captured were members of Makisama Tinanga group of beneficiaries of the land reform.

Magbanua later posted on Facebook that his eldest son Jakob was among those caught by the police.

He also asked the policemen to show mercy to the detained students, including his son.

“Sa mga kapulisan jan sa Concepcion, Tarlac, Pag-ingatan niyo po mga detainees niyo. This is my Dumalaw study of Tarlac, without wasting time with the moon and free time. Talk about the rest of the world, “Magbanua She said.

“Wala pong kaso na maaring isampa jan,” he added.

Screenshot of wedding director Jason Magbanua’s Facebook post captured June 10, 2022

Magbanua also noted that he is still in contact with his son at that time.

He also sought help from his followers to tag those who can help their release.

In the comments section, Magbanue left an update on Friday morning, June 10, that no charges have yet been filed against them.

“Update. Wala pa rin accuses na na-file,” he said She said.

the College of Publishers of the Philippines confirmed that Tarlac police took five campus reporters from following schools:

  • College Editors Guild of the Philippines-Central Luzon
  • The Angelite of the Holy Angel University
  • The work of Tarlac State University

The CEGP stated that the participants in the cultivation activity were taken to the Provincial Office of Tarlac, Concepcion Police Station.

According to a reportthree students from Saint Louis University and Baguio University of the Philippines and three members of the Kabataan Partylist Cordillera (KPL) youth group were arrested.

Other individuals arrested

Community pantry organizer Ana Patrizia Non o Patreng Non has also asked for help in releasing the inmates, some of whom are close friends of hers.

“Marami po sa kanila are volunteers and take care of personal people and organs. Marami po sa kanila is visual artists, writers and theater people, ”Non She said on Facebook.

“By 2 am illegally detained na po sila. You can start reading everything else. You can do whatever you can so that you can joke with your friends, ”she added.

It is not certain that they just volunteered for peaceful community farming when authorities accused them of being members of the New People’s Army without evidence.

“93 katao po sila naka-detain ngayon and pinagbintangan sila na myyembro NPA dahil sila nag-organizing community agriculture in various countries. By continuing to repeat the mapping differently for all participants, “she said.

Screenshot of Ana Patricia’s Facebook post Not captured June 10, 2022

the A unique artist for Kilusang Agraryo or SAKAa group of artists, he later issued a statement that nearly 50 Filipino artists who participated in the “bungkalan” were among those arrested at the site.

SAKA asked his industry peers for help to release the details.

“Your solidarity, expressed in public statements, can add pressure to the state forces that harass us for doing little more than being with the farmers, understanding their difficulties and exposing not only the evils that afflict them, but also the triumphs of their collective struggle, “said the group.

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