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While the Biden administration is labeling parents and fitness buffs (but not antisemites) ‘domestic terrorists’ and focusing on Islamophobia, very bad things are happening on our college campuses. Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, U. Penn., and the University of Wisconsin Madison are just a few of the places where pro-Hamas, anti-Israel and antisemitic demonstrations have taken place.

Add MIT to that list, and with an escalation:

The full tweet, quoting the letter, reads (emphasis added):

To all students at MIT,

Today, Jewish and Israeli MIT students were physically prevented from attending class by a hostile group of pro-Hamas and anti-Israel MIT students that call themselves the CAA. 

This is after students from the CAA harassed MIT staff members in their offices for being Jewish and interrupted classes in the past few weeks. All of this has occurred with no clear response from the administration. With each passing day, MIT admin’s silence makes Jewish and Israeli students feel unsafe at MIT. 

Many Jewish students fear leaving their dorm rooms and have stated that they feel MIT is not safe for Jews. This message is compounded by the public and private warnings of Hillel and many faculty that Jewish students should not enter MIT’s main lobby today, November 9th, 2023. 

Instead of dispersing the mob or de-escalating the situation by rerouting all students from Lobby 7, Jewish students specifically were warned not to enter MIT’s front entrance due to a risk to their physical safety. The onus to protect Jewish students should not be on the students themselves. 

MIT administration recently announced guidelines to avoid illegal and unsafe protests on campus. The CAA, which planned the protest, knowingly and proudly violated these requirements, and even invited people from outside of MIT to join them. Their actions inhibit the possibility of safe and peaceful dialogue and endanger Jewish students on campus.

The CAA hosted a blockade that not only disregards MIT guidelines, but also obstructs Jewish students from attending classes.

Some Jewish students who saw the administration’s failure to respond to the targeted harassment of Jews on campus by the CAA came together to support each other and peacefully together stand against this threat to their safety.

Four hours after the blockade started, at 12 pm, the MIT administration passed a letter to all students, threatening their suspension if the crowds did not disperse from Lobby 7. Only the Jewish students left immediately. The CAA protesters did not cooperate. Indeed, the CAA proceeded to invite more students and non-MIT protestors to join them in calling for a violent uprising (“Intifada”) and justifying the terror attacks of Hamas on Israeli civilians

At 5 pm, all students on campus were warned through MIT’s emergency notification system to “avoid Lobby 7” –– officially recognizing the danger present to students as a result of this violent protest. No Jewish or Israeli students were present at this point. 

As of 10:30 tonight MIT has officially decided not to academically suspend CAA students who repeatedly violated the administration’s guidelines and threats. They have shown that actions against Jews at MIT do not have consequences. Additionally, in an email to DUSP students, the Department Head indicated that he would protect any DUSP students involved in violating MIT’s rules today by protesting with the CAA. Not only do Jewish students feel unsafe on campus, but now they also feel excluded from and unsafe in DUSP.  

Today, on the 9th of November, on the 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht, which marked the beginning of the Holocaust, Jews at MIT were told to enter campus from back entrances and not to stay in Hillel for fear of their physical safety. 

We are seeing history repeating itself and Jews on MIT’s campus are afraid.


The MIT Israel Alliance and its supporters


This is abhorrent.

Nowhere to be found.

We can always count on Iowahawk to be 1) accurate and 2) have biting humor.

We assumed the same.

Yeah, that’s one way to go about it.

Oh, God bless you, Iowahawk.

We don’t believe they are unable to do it. They’d absolutely. remove a right-wing protest.

They are, however, very unwilling to control these students.

It is beyond horrifying.

The only way things might change is after colleges are forced to give massive payouts to students who sue over this.

Yes, noticing the antisemitism is now ‘Islamophobia.’ What a time to be alive.

The fact there were no consequences and no enforcement of campus rules tells us this is all intentional.

Their priorities are very clear.

No, there isn’t.

And the college administrators allowed it to happen. And will not punish the perpetrators.

It’s shocking to watch this unfold. It truly is.

They were only interested in being safe spaces for approved left wing groups and ideologies. And that’s precisely what’s allowed this antisemitism to foment into what we’re seeing across the country.

It is unacceptable and should not happen. But no one in a position of power — from the campus administration up to the White House — seem all that interested in addressing and stopping it.

Scary times.


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