Joe Biden Keeps Making Progress

The Economist: “When Joe Biden bangs on about bipartisanship and compromising, some Democrats roll their eyes, thinking him out of touch with modern politics. But the accumulating evidence suggests he understands how to make progress better than they do.”

“That may not strengthen his political standing in the short term, but it holds out some hope for his presidency, and American governance, over the long haul.”

“After a midsummer burst of Senate affirmation, Mr Biden can point to a series of bipartisan accomplishments, now including a bill to subsidise America’s semiconductor industry on top of the first gun-safety legislation in almost 30 years and a $1.2trn infrastructure law, achievements that by definition are also a credit to Republicans. Mr Biden’s patience for talks and tolerance for compromise, not qualities associated with the previous president, have also yielded breakthroughs (for now, within his party) on fighting climate change and restraining drug costs.”

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