John Fetterman tells Republicans to carry it forward while asking not to restrict abortion

Democratic Pennsylvania Senate candidate Lt. gov. John Fetterman told Republicans to carry their attacks because he didn’t ask for abortion restrictions.

He defends his working past to get those wrongfully convicted out of prison and to implement criminal justice reforms.

“Come on,” he said. “That would reflect badly on my character if I let the fear of some fabricated political advertisement keep me from pursuing criminal justice reform and helping to free the innocent or deserving from needless death in Pennsylvania prisons at the expense of taxpayers.”

CNN’s Kasie Hunt tweeted about her exchange with Fetterman about abortion:

National media don’t understand John Fetterman

The reason so many Pennsylvania Democrats love John Fetterman is that he is straightforward and clearly states what he believes in. Fetterman isn’t triangulating or concentrating his responses. the lt The governor tells the about him.

Sentiment for Fetterman is particularly strong in western Pennsylvania, where Democrats outside of Pittsburgh are often heavily outnumbered. Fetterman speaks to them and for them.

Establishment politicians in the state were so scared that Fetterman could not win the general election that it led to poor Representative Conor Lamb to the massacre in the Democratic primary.

The Pennsylvania Democratic establishment pushed for Lamb before they knew the The Republican primary would go off the rails and nominate a candidate who would fight to win statewide.

The national media doesn’t get Fetterman, but Pennsylvania does, and it wouldn’t be surprising if John Fetterman wins and helps keep Democrats in the Senate majority.