Jon Lovitz Just Needs One POST to DROP Anti-Semitic Troll Accusing Him of Being Pro-Genocide – Twitchy

Jon Lovitz had some not-so-nice words for the Hamas lovers … and they’re pretty damn good. Especially people like Rashida Tlaib claiming ‘from the river to the sea’ is about dignity and freedom for all people.

Yeah, we all know that’s a damn lie.

For example … 

It even RHYMES!


ACTING! GENIUS. Thank you and thank YOU.

Man, SNL used to be so good.

Anywho, we digress.

Seems Jon’s post made this lil fella a lil fussy:

Israel defending itself isn’t genocide, sweetpea.

Jon fired back:

And boom.

We are seeing levels of antisemitism in America, unlike anything we’ve seen before. It’s quite honestly really scary.


We’ve been known to give Jon a hard time here and there, so it only makes sense to give him much-deserved kudos here.



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