Judd Legum complains about PR firm representing HUGE companies telling clients to stay out of abortion debate BACKFIRES – twitchy.com

Womp-womp, DeSantis proved that people are tired of waking up companies.

All anyone has to do is take a look at Disney … Americans are fed up with it. Continue to create great products, provide great customer service, and stay out of politics.

It seems that Judd Legum hasn’t read the room yet exactly because he seems to think people should be angry that a large PR firm is telling their customers like Starbucks, Coca-Cola and Netflix to stay out of the debate over. abortion.

They are right.



Companies that just do business things.


Zeno understands this.

The media loves to force companies to take “their” position (not a position) and then when their customers are pissed off and start losing money, the media has moved on to something else to pester the masses with.

They are. Right.

This is a winless situation.

Stay out.

And that’s what really bothers Judd, who has a history of persecuting companies for having wrong views on issues.


There is a reason this company is one of the largest.

As a woman, this editor finds it repugnant that our rights are linked to the death of other human beings.

Like this?

Do you see what he’s doing?

He’s chasing them, just like the PR group said.

Could you explain that these companies want to stay in business, Judd, and have seen the absolute disaster that Disney made for itself.

That. ^



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