Julia Ioffe tries to prop up gun rights advocates for life in a moral corner after the Uvalde massacre and stumbles upon her own depravity – twitchy.com

Journalist Julia Ioffe is capable of it Not be a terrible person? Based on what we have seen, the answer is no and we have certainly accumulated a lot of evidence to support our thesis.

The latest piece in our collection is Julia’s rebuttal to gun rights advocates mourning the tragic cold-blooded mass murder of innocent children and teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Julia seems to think she has stumbled upon the latest moral “gotcha” here:

Are you coming again?

Yes, he really thought about that tweet, typed it in and shared it with the world.

Well, Giulia

Are you trying to argue that pro-life gun rights advocates would agree with using AR-15 to kill unborn babies, or …?

Unless you think it’s self-control, in which case he nailed it.

She’s so close … she doesn’t realize it.

Welcome Giulia.


Like what Dana Bash did? Yes, it is definitely very similar to that.



Julia Ioffe promotes ADL’s “report” on garbage and holes, suggesting that “extremist-related killings” are overwhelmingly committed by right-wing elements

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