Kep1er’s Bahiyyih draws criticism for the performance of “Queendom 2”.

KEP1ER the performance of member Huening Bahiyyih during the group’s recent performance on MNET Kingdom 2 drew some sharp criticism from a group of network users.

This situation is not new for the 17-year-old singer, who drew criticism even before joining the group, which was formed through the Planet Girls 999 Reality show. Still, he remains one of Kep1er’s most popular members, with most fans applauding his endeavors and images of him.

During the appearance of Kep1er Kingdom 2the group performed a new version of their debut hit WA DA DA, complete with new dance moves. After the show, critics pointed out how Bahiyyih’s performance seemed to lack energy and enthusiasm compared to her bandmates, and saying that she sometimes seemed not to dance out of sync.

Some people, however, defended it, saying the moves were difficult and this is the first time that Kep1er has been running this version. But others noted that the other Kep1er members were able to execute the move efficiently.

Judge for yourself whether Bahiyyih has done well or not:

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