Kevin McCarthy whistled at the Wyoming Trump Rally

Kevin McCarthy’s sell-out to Trump isn’t going so well, as he was booed when he was introduced to Casper, the Wyoming crowd.


Yes, they were whistling McCarthy:

McCarthy’s entire plan has been to suck at Trump to get his loyal House members and their supporters to like him enough to make him the next House Speaker if the Republicans get the majority back.

Even more significant than McCarthy was booed was that Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) was cheered, so this wasn’t an audience that was trying to boo all the Republican incumbents in the House.

The audience didn’t like McCarthy and they liked Jordan.

Rumors have been circulating for months that if Jordan challenged McCarthy, he could potentially beat him and become Speaker.

If Republicans regain the majority, Kevin McCarthy could look to the same future as John Boehner and Paul Ryan before him. It’s easy to imagine the far right of the House caucus chasing McCarthy and getting Jordan talking.

McCarthy has been a doormat for the far right, but whatever the Californian Republican does, it’s clear he’s not the leader they want.

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